ACASAK Consulting 
Boston, MA

Tides and Rain

Following is a real-time running chart of Boston tide and rain data. The tide data is sourced from NOAA Tide Gauge 8443970, located in Boston's inner harbor (last updated: 01/31/2023 18:00:00). The rain data is sourced from the National Weather Service weather station at Logan Airport (last updated: 01/31/2023 18:54:00).

River Flow and Temperature

Following is a real-time running chart of Charles River flow and water temperature. The flow data is sourced from USGS Flow Gauge 01104500 in Waltham (last updated: 01/31/2023 17:30:00). The water temperature data is sourced from CRWA's Charles River weather station located in the Charles River basin near Community Boating (last updated: 10/31/2019 11:30:00). The water temperature sensor is removed from the water during winter months.