ACASAK Technologies 
Boston, MA

values your privacy. We do not collect or store your personal information without explicit permission from you. If you ever have any questions about your privacy or use of your data, please contact us through our contact form.

The EnviroCam mobile phone app requires the following permissions:

  • Photos/Media/Files - EnviroCam stores the images that it takes on your phone or SD Card. Then it reads these images to forward them to an FTP or e-mail of your choosing. And it has the ability to delete images from your phone or SD Card after forwarding them, if you choose this option.
  • Camera - EnviroCam requires the use of the camera to take pictures.
  • Microphone - Currently this is not used. It is a default permission connected to the camera. In the future when video capability is added, this would be used in the video recordings.
  • Disable Screen Lock - Allows the camera to wake up from sleep to take a pictures.
  • Full Network Access - Allows the app to send images through the network to an FTP server or e-mail of your choosing.
  • Modify System Settings - EnviroCam adjusts the phone sleep settings to manage image scheduling.
  • Prevent Phone From Sleeping - Allows the camera to stay awake during certain imaging sequences.

The EnviroCam mobile phone app also collects the following information if you select the relevant option in settings:

  • Remote Configuration Capability - If you allow remote configuration of the EnviroCam settings, Envirocam will store your current settings along with your phone's IMEI number on 's server. This will allow you to update your settings remotely through 's website.

will never share data collected through EnviroCam with any 3rd party. All data will be deleted from our servers as soon as it is no longer needed by the user.

If it is necessary to change this privacy policy, this webpage will be updated to reflect the changes, and all affected users with current accounts will be notified by e-mail.