Boston, MA

In a project led by the Center for Coastal Environmental Sensing Networks (CESN) at UMass Boston, three custom water chemistry monitoring buoys were designed and built for Boston Harbor. The buoys measure water temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, turbidity, cdom, and a full array of meteorological parameters every 10 minutes, and data is uploaded via cellular telemetry to a web server on an hourly basis. These buoys were constructed as part of an MIT SeaGrant and MWRA funded project to develop correlations between satellite imagery and water quality parameters. The buoys are intended to be deployed permanently during ice-free months. Data from the buoys is made public through the CESN website. Click for real-time data.

Buoy locations in Boston Harbor:

Samples of buoy data:

buoy data example - CDOM

buoy data example - chlorophyll

Click here to access real-time buoy data on the CESN website.