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I developed this software in 2011, thinking that I would market it. I was not able to successfully market the software online, so I gave up the idea to pursue other interests. However, I still use the software for my personal use, and it works perfectly! I can't imagine managing my finances without it. It is not fancy, but it does the job perfectly and fits the way I think about money. It gives me complete control of my budget, of expenses, and of my accounts. I am making it available for free to the public, because I think there must be somebody out there who could find it very useful. And, who knows, maybe it will catch on at a larger scale. :-)


Unique budget reconciliation

Simple, easy-to-use screens Fully customizable budget categories

Tells you if expenses are forgotten Allows you to set your own schedule

Handles income of any frequency Easy analysis of history and trends

Created by and used by a budgeter

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