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Boston, MA

ACASAK - A Canoe A Skiff and A Kayak

(Formerly Coastal Sensor Solutions)

Benjamen Wetherill

Ben Wetherill

M.S. Marine Science & Technology, UMass Boston

Scuba certification: SSI Open Water

I am an avid sailor, canoer, and kayaker, and I am passionate about protecting water environments. Through my graduate studies and work experience, I have specialized in water quality monitoring, electronic sensor applications, programming, and data analysis for river and coastal environmental monitoring. I have built and maintained scientific buoys and hydrologic monitoring installations in rivers and the near-shore environment. My graduate thesis research was focused on using real-time hydrometeorological data and regression models to predict unhealthy fecal bacteria levels in river or beach water. As a consultant, I have built video monitoring installations for marsh erosion and water chemistry monitoring buoys for harbor studies. I also currently work part-time as the Water Quality Scientist for OARS, the watershed organization for the Concord, Assabet, and Sudbury Rivers. I love the challenge of figuring out how to collect data from remote locations in aquatic environments, and I love tracking and analyzing the data that is gathered.



Boston Whaler Montauk

17' Boston Whaler Montauk. Can support monitoring activities, sensor deployments, and sensor maintenance in any river, bay, or near-coastal area. The boat is kept on a trailer and can be transported anywhere within driving distance of Boston.

Chinook Sea Kayak

16' Chinook Sea Kayak. Can support sensor maintenance in any protected embayment within paddling distance of water access. Many sensor maintenance activities are easiest and most economical to perform from a kayak. This kayak can be easily transported any distance by car.

Alumacraft Canoe

15' Aluminum Canoe with electric motor. Can support sensor deployments and maintenance in any river or lake within paddling distance of water access. This canoe provides a great rugged platform for small scale sensor deployments and maintenance. It can be easily transported any distance by car.

Collaboration Opportunities

looking for partners

I am always looking for new team members or partners in collaboration. If you have skills in environmental science, electrical engineering, computer programming, or marketing, and you have a passion for understanding and protecting the natural aquatic environment, we may be able to create a collaborative. Please e-mail your proposal to I look forward to hearing from you.